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Fabian Zaruski

Miapartamentos was built from scratch in 2017 with the aim of transforming the Real Estate management industry and was such a success that required a complete overhaul of the business model. After the year 2021, Miapartamentos shifted to a boutique firm, focusing efforts in a select group of properties and achieving an even higher standard of excellence. At the same time, the company shifted to prioritize investment consulting, resulting in millions of dollars in transactions since then, including over $10 million in volume in the first half of 2022.

Fabian Zaruski

Fabian graduated with honors from the University of San Diego, holding a degree in Economics as well as one in Real Estate. University of San Diego’s Real Estate program has been voted the best in the nation for many consecutive years. After identifying unmet needs by investors, Fabian decided to launch Miapartamentos. Years of experience combined with technical knowledge and an unwavering adherence to ethics make Miapartamentos one of the strongest firms when advising on real estate investments. Fabian has a revolutionary approach to Real Estate and while other agents try pressure tactics to push you into a transaction, Fabian will take the time to understand your needs and goals, advising you on whether your next planned move is the right one for your current situation. Often times, Fabian has helped prospective buyers understand that it was not in their best interests to have moved forward with a deal, prioritizing lasting relationships. We are built different, because we are not nearly as concerned with our bottom-line as much as we are for yours.

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