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Fluid Power with Applications by Anthony Esposito


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Book Title : Fluid Power with Applications
Author(s)  : Anthony Esposito
Publisher   : Pearson Education
Edition      : Fourth
Pages       : 778
PDF Size   : 72.3 Mb

Book Description:

Fluid Power with Applications by Anthony Esposito book scope of Fluid power innovation in a clear and reasonable form. A broad exhibit of modern applications is given to inspire and invigorate understudies’ enthusiasm for the field. Adjusting hypothesis and applications, this book is to reflect current innovation; it concentrates on the Design, research, operation, and maintenance of Fluid power Systems. See more and download Computational Fluid Dynamics books.


1. Introduction to Fluid Power
2. Physical Properties of Hydraulic Fluids
3. Energy and Power in Hydraulic Systems
4. Frictional Losses in Hydraulic Pipelines
5. Hydraulic Pumps
6. Hydraulic Cylinders and Cushioning Devices
7. Hydraulic Motors
8. Hydraulic Valves
9. Hydraulic Circuit Design and Analysis
10. Hydraulic Conductors and Fittings
11. Ancillary Hydraulic Devices
12. Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems
13. Pneumatics: Air Preparation and Components
14. Pneumatics: Circuits and Applications
15. Basic Electrical Controls for Fluid Power Circuits
16. Fluid Logic Control Systems
17. Advanced Electrical Controls for Fluid Power Systems
18. Automation Studio Computer Software
Appendix A: Sizes of Steel Pipe (Metric Units)
Appendix B: Sizes of Steel Tubing (Metric Units)
Answers to selected odd-numbered exercises