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Bluehost Hosting Review 2022 - Is Bluehost "The Best" WordPress-Ready Hosting Service [Unbiased & Detailed]

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Sarmad Sandeelo

Bluehost is a platform that offers a complete solution to your Website. From hosting to the successful loading of the Web, Bluehost builds secure and high-performance websites. With the most affordable price range, this hosting site is World famous with over 2 million users worldwide.

Are you eager to know about Bluehost before you opt-in for your Web hosting?

This blog will give you an honest insight into Bluehost’s salient features which makes it apart from the other hosting servers. So do read this before you make the ultimate decision for your hosting.

Although Bluehost is being used by more than 2 million users and has also been recommended by, facts are vital to driving you to purchase this hosting. Hence aspects like speed, uptime, support, ease of use, and pros and cons are essential to understand.

Bluehost Review:

The most important aspect of any Web server is linked to its performance. Web being the primary source of your business and the first impression, Web becomes very critical and plays a pivotal role.

So here Bluehost comes to your rescue through its tremendous performance indicators. These performance indicators are as under:


Speed is the main parameter of measuring the performance of your Web. Apart from other factors, web hosting is the main factor that affects the speed of a website.

Website hosted on Bluehost has swift speed and it does not hang. Three main tools are used for measuring the speed of a web. These tools include GTmetrix, Pingdom, and Google PageSpeed insights.


The GTmetrix tool is used to measure the speed of loading. After testing millions of websites, it concluded that the Bluehost website is loaded in less than 1 (one) second.


The Pingdom tool also provides the result of loading of the website within 510 ms.

Google PageSpeed Insight

The final and credible tool for measuring the speed of a website is PageSpeed Insight which is the tool of Google. This tool provides results for Desktop and Mobile performance scores of above 90 respectively.


The uptime of a web is as important as any other aspect of the performance of hosting. It is claimed by Bluehost that they have more than 99.99% uptime. This need to be verified from an independent tool.

HRANK is a credible source which tracks millions of Websites. So we need to check through this tool regarding the uptime of Bluehost. If we note the data of one month for Bluehost, we come to know that the uptime for Bluehost is around 99.78% which is the expected rating as claimed by Bluehost.


As long as the support of any project is good, the project gets successful. In the case of the hosting servers, support plays a pivotal role. A good support system is the mark of high quality.

Bluehost has a tremendous support system as it has experts that guide newbies, and professionals, and help to build your WordPress Website.  It provides all options like:

  • 24*7 support through call at 888-401-4678
  • Live chat for all customers
  • A great number of articles, blogs and personal experiences of the users.

Every time you ask for support, Bluehost is there to support you. You will not have to wait for long. In case of urgency, you may call the agent to quickly solve the issue.

Great User Interface – Easy to use:

A good and friendly interface attracts newbies as they do not face any difficulty in using the service. Bluehost is very easy to use and that is the reason why we give a first choice to Bluehost.

The simple and easy features of the Bluehost server allow you to set up your blogs, e-Commerce stores etc in very simple steps.

You can set up your Bluehost WordPress blog in the following easy steps:

  1. Visit the Bluehost website and click on the button “Get Started Now”
  2. Selecting the Plan of Bluehost i.e. Basic, Plus, Choice Plus
  3. Entering your Domain Name
  4. Create your account as per plan i.e. 12, 24 or 36 months
  5. Creating your Bluehost account and installation of WordPress along with enabling HTTPS protocol and activating the SSL certificate.

 Pros and Cons of Bluehost:

There is no doubt about the performance and user-friendly aspect of Bluehost. We need further need to analyze the pros and cons of the server in depth

Free Domain Name:

This may be the best advantage of Bluehost as it provides a free domain name ( for your website. You do not need to spend extra money on the domain name. You will get a free name for a year even in the basic plan.

Fast WordPress installation:

With Bluehost, you will get a 1-click WordPress installation. This is another best aspect of the server.

Free SSL certificate:

The security of a Website is of prime importance. With Bluehost, 1-click fast SSL certificate installation takes place.

Free CDN:

Among other benefits, you will also get the most popular Cloudflare CDN.

Free E-mails:

In Bluehost, you have the leverage to create 5 free emails which makes the Bluehost unique among others.

Customer Support:

24*7 customer support is the cornerstone of Bluestone. You never get a dull response; instead, there is always an active and quick team ready to respond to your issues.

Free and hassle-free WordPress migration:

This is the latest addition to Bluehost service and we feel very blissful after knowing this helpful addition.

It permits you to move your WordPress webpage from some other web host to Bluehost for nothing with no concerns.

Industry Leading cPanel

Each Bluehost plan is incorporated with the business’ driving control board, cPanel which makes dealing with your site much simpler.

30 Days Money Back Policy

With Bluehost, you will likewise get a 30 days unconditional promise that you will get your price back.

Everything Unlimited

Aside from the Bluehost Basic arrangement, you’re permitted to have unlimited sites with unmetered SSD circle capacity, data transmission, custom email locations, and substantially more.

So these are the benefits of utilizing Bluehost however no web host could be 100 per cent ideal for everybody, and the same goes with Bluehost also.

A couple of drawbacks of Bluehost that you dislike;

The very disadvantage that we found with Bluehost is connected with the reinforcements. Bluehost doesn’t offer programmed reinforcements with the exception of the Choice Plus and Pro arrangement.

Indeed, you can defeat by utilizing any WordPress reinforcement modules like UpdraftPlus, ValutPress, and so forth.

Furthermore, Bluehost doesn’t offer month-to-month designs which implies you should select basically a year plan.

Above all, you need to check Bluehost and you can try their 30 days unconditional promise so that you can get an idea and start using it regularly onwards.