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Engineering Fundamentals by Roger L. Timings


Engineering Fundamentals by R. L. Timings, Roger L. Timings book

Book Title : Engineering Fundamentals
Author(s)  : Roger L. Timings
Publisher   : Butterworth Heinemann
Edition      : First
Pages       : 427
Size          : 8 Mb

Book Description:

Engineering Fundamentals by Roger L. Timing eBook is intended to meet the most recent course necessities for engineers and unites the basic material from Roger Timings’ past building writings: Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, Fundamentals of Engineering, Basic Engineering Technology and General Engineering. A very meaningful book is upheld by various outlines, learning destinations and activities toward the finish of every section, making Engineering Fundamentals a total understudy concentrated course that is perfect for classroom, workshop and free investigation.

Table of Contents:

  1. General health and safety engineering
  2. Establishing effective working relationships
  3. Handling engineering information
  4. Engineering materials and heat treatment
  5. Engineering drawing
  6. Measuring
  7. Marking out
  8. Basic bench fitting
  9. Drilling techniques and drilling machines
  10. Centre lathe and turning techniques
  11. Milling machines and milling techniques
  12. Grinding machines and processes

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