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Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration by Shan K. Wang


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Book Title : Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Author(s)  : Shan K. Wang
Publisher   : McGraw Hills
Edition      : Second
Pages       : 1401
Size          : 10.7 MB

Book Description:

A wide scope of orders energy protection and air quality issues, development and plan, and the making of temperature-delicate items and materials is canvassed in this extensive book of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration by Shan K. Wang.

Provide fundamental, up to date HVACinformation, codes, principles, and rules, all strategically placed in one book.

A definitive reference source on the design, choice and operation of Air Condition and refrigeration frameworks. This publication by Shan K. Wang is one of the best refrigeration and air conditioning books. See more similar books. Download it for free in PDF format using following links.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Psychometrics.
Chapter 3: Heat and Moisture Transfer through Building Envelope.
Chapter 4: Indoor and Outdoor Design Conditions.
Chapter 5: Energy Management and Control Systems.
Chapter 6: Load Calculations.
Chapter 7: Water Systems.
Chapter 8: Heating Systems, Furnaces, and Boilers.
Chapter 9: Refrigerants, Refrigeration Cycles, and Refrigeration.
Chapter 10: Refrigerants Systems: Components.
Chapter 11: Refrigeration Systems: Reciprocating, Rotary, Scroll, and Screw.
Chapter 12: Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery, Gas Cooling, and Co-generation Systems.
Chapter 13: Refrigeration Systems: Centrifugal.
Chapter 14: Refrigeration Systems: Absorption.
Chapter 15: Air Systems: Components – Fans, Coils, Filters, and Humidifiers.
Chapter 16: Air Systems: Equipment – Air-Handling Units and Packaged.
Chapter 17: Air Systems: Air Duct Design.
Chapter 18: Air Systems: Space Air Diffusion.
Chapter 19: Sound Control.
Chapter 20: Air Systems: Basics and Constant-Volume Systems.
Chapter 21: Air Systems: Variable-Air-Volume Systems.
Chapter 22: Air Systems: VAV Systems – Fan Combination, System Pressure, and Smoke Control.
Chapter 23: Air Systems: Minimum Ventilation and VAV System Controls.
Chapter 24: Improving Indoor Air Quality.
Chapter 25: Energy Management and Global Warming.
Chapter 26: Air Conditioning Systems: System Classification, Selection, and Individual Systems.
Chapter 27: Air Conditioning Systems: Evaporate Cooling Systems and Evaporation Coolers.
Chapter 28: Air Conditioning Systems: Space Conditioning Systems.
Chapter 29: Air Conditioning Systems: Packaged Systems and Desiccant-Based Systems.
Chapter 30: Air Conditioning Systems: Central Systems and Clean-Room Systems.
Chapter 31: Air Conditioning Systems: Thermal Storage Systems.
Chapter 32: Commissioning and Maintenance.
Appendix A: Nomenclature and Abbreviations.
Appendix B: Psychometric Chart, Tables, and I-P Units to SI Units Conversion.
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