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Mechanics of Materials by Madhukar Vable


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Book Title : Mechanics of Materials
Author(s)  : Madhukar Vable
Publisher  : Michigan Technology University
Edition      : 2012e
Pages         : 595
PDF Size   : 34.7 Mb

Book Description:

Mechanics of Materials book by the writer Madhukar Vable orchestrates the exact connections of materials into the coherent and found system of mechanics to create equations for use in the plan of structures and other strong bodies. The field has seen amazing development in the last a quarter century. A couple of years prior, the present routine industry methods and practices were just explored themes; considers that connected just to structural building, mechanical designing, and advanced plane design now apply to such typical things as electronic bundling, therapeutic inserts, topographical developments and wood items that meet particular quality prerequisites. It is into this quickly changing world that Madhukar Vable’s book Introduction to Mechanics of Materials has its spot as a standard content in compulsory courses for structural building majors and most mechanical and advanced plane design majors. Writer Madhukar Vable’s unmistakable educational hypothesis converts into extraordinary components inside the eBook that upgrade the peruser’s investment in learning.

Table of Contents:

A note to students
A note to instructor
Chapter 1: Stress
Chapter 2: Strain
Chapter 3: Mechanical properties of materials
Chapter 4: Axial members
Chapter 5: Torsion of Shafts
Chapter 6: Symmetric bending of beams
Chapter 7: Deflection of Symmetric Beams
Chapter 8: Stress Transformation
Chapter 9: Strain Transformation
Chapter 10: Design and Failure
Chapter 11: Stability of Columns

Appendix A: Statics review
Appendix B: Algorithms for numerical methods
Appendix C: Reference Information
Appendix D: Solutions to  statics study exam
Appendix E: Answers to quick tests
Appendix H: Answers to selected problems
Formula sheet

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