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New Optimization Techniques in Engineering by Godfrey C. Onwubolu, B.V. Babu


New Optimization Techniques in Engineering

Book Title : New Optimization Techniques in Engineering
Author(s)  : Godfrey C. Onwubolu, B.V. Babu
Publisher   : Springer
Edition      : First
Pages        : 715
PDf Size      : 14Mb

Book Description:

By and by, broadly useful streamlining procedures, for example, Simulated Annealing, and Genetic Algorithms, have turned out to be standard enhancement methods. Purposeful research endeavors have been made as of late so as to create novel enhancement procedures for tackling genuine issues, which have the qualities of memory refresh and populace based hunt arrangements. The book depicts an assortment of these novel advancement procedures which as a rule outflank the standard improvement systems in numerous application ranges. New Optimization Techniques in Engineering reports applications and consequences of the novel advancement strategies considering a large number of handy issues in the distinctive building disciplines showing both the foundation of the branch of knowledge and the methods for tackling the issues.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms for Engineering Optimization
Chapter 3: Memetic Algorithms
Chapter 4: Scatter Search and path Relinking: Foundations and Advanced designs
Chapter 5: Ant Colony optimization
Chapter 6: Differential Evolution
Chapter 7: SOMA – Self Organizing Migrating Algorithm
Chapter 8: Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization, illustrated by the Travelling Salesman problem
Chapter 9: Applications in heat transfer
Chapter 10: Applications in Mass transfer
Chapter 11: Applications in fluid Mechanics
Chapter 12: Applications in Reaction Engineering
Chapter 13: New ideas and applications of Scatter search and path relinking
Chapter 14: Improvement of search process in Genetic algorithms: an appplication of PCB assembly sequencing problem
Chapter 15: An ANTS Heuristic for the Long-term car pooling problem
Chapter 16: Genetic algorithms in irrigation planning: A case study
Chapter 17: Optimization of helical antenna electromagnetic pattern field
Chapter 18: VLSI design: Gate matrix layout problem
Chapter 19: Parametric optimization of a fuzzy logic controller for dynamical systems using evolutionary computation
Chapter 20: DNA coded GA: Rule base optimization of FLC for mobile robot
Chapter 21: TRIBES applications to the flow shop scheduling problem
Chapter 22: Optimizing CNC drilling machine operations: travelling salesman problem-differential evolution approach
Chapter 23: Particles swarm optimization for the assignment of facilities to locations
Chapter 24: Differential evolution for the flow shop scheduling
Chapter 25: Evaluation of forms errors to large measurement data sets using scatter search
Chapter 26: Mechanical engineering problem optimization
Chapter 27: Scheduling and production & control
Chapter 28: Determination of optimal machining conditions using scatter search
Chapter 29: Extended frontiers in optimization techniques

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