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Book Title : Power Plant Engineering
Author(s)  : PK Nag
Publisher   : McGraw Hill
Edition      : Third
Pages       : 994
PDf Size  : 30 Mb

Book Description:

Power Plant Engineering by PK Nag book is for the college class on Power Plant Engineering considered by the mechanical building understudies, this book is a far reaching and upto date offering regarding the matter. It has point by point scope on hydro-electric, diesel motor and gas turbine control plants. A lot of tackled cases, practice inquiries and representations make this an extremely understudy neighborly content.

Key Features:

  • Top to bottom scope of Hydroelectric, Diesel Engine and Gas Turbine Power Plants
  • Diagnostic and hypothetical treatment of ideas with the correct mix of hypothesis, outline and routine with regards to control stations
  • Remarkable part on Energy Storage Mechanisms
  • Enumerating of joined cycle method of energy era and fluidized bed boilers.

Table of Content:
Chapter 1. Introduction: Economics of Power Generation
Chapter 2. Analysis of Steam Cycles
Chapter 3. Combined Cycle Power Generation
Chapter 4. Fuels and Combustion
Chapter 5. Combustion Mechanism, Combustion Equipment and Firing Methods
Chapter 6. Steam Generators
Chapter 7. Steam Turbines
Chapter 8. Condenser, Feed water and Circulating Water Systems
Chapter 9. Nuclear Power Plants
Chapter 10. Hydroelectric Power Plant
Chapter 11. Diesel Engine and Gas Turbines Power Plants
Chapter 12. Energy Storage
Chapter 13. Non-Conventional Power Generation
Chapter 14. Environmental Degradation and use of Renewable Energy

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